EloPin 32-GS (EloPin 03-145 GS) - Naming convention and development update

In order to minimize the risk of confusion, the EloPin press-fit areas of the GS family were renamed. The fields of application normally differ from those of traditional press-fit areas, so that the GS-family should not be considered as a replacement for them. EloPin 03-145 GS becomes:

EloPin 32-GS

First test results showed good performance in all mechanical quality criteria. The elasticity of the press-fit area is very good, which has a positive influence on the reliability under external stress.

The press-in forces of 50-70N are in the same range as those of the EloPin 06-10 (0.6mm material thickness, 1.0mm PTH diameter). The retention forces were measured with an average of 30N and are therefore in the safe functional range, despite the thin material thickness of 0.32mm.

The tested contacts were manufactured in a close-to-series-production sample tool from a commercially available copper alloy with good spring properties. Due to the hot-dip tinning of the strip, no subsequent electroplating was necessary.

The development is continued on a project-specific basis, because the press-fit area is usually manufactured on the same strip of another application with spring-properties and a compromise in terms of the base material needs to be found individually.





EloPin 03-145 GS and 03-16 GS - The press fit contact for thin strips

Many applications in contact technology require parts made from thin material. Parts like female contacts, IDC, Crimp or Flexible Circuit Connector contacts were difficult to combine with standard press fit contacts until today.

The new EloPin GS contacts for PTHs 1.45mm and 1.6mm are made from 0.32mm material and are therefore well suited for these types of applications.

The contacts can be produced from hot-tip tinned copper strips, removing the requirement for additional electroplating. This helps to significantly reduce cost and lowers probability and severeness of tin-whisker growth.

The contacts of the EloPin GS series are currently in the pre-serial-production sampling and evaluation phase. International property rights were filed.





Qualification EloPin 12-20 successful

The new EloPin 12-20, which was specifically developed for transporting large amounts of current, was successfully tested according to HN 28100-01 (Standard based on ISO 60352-5 but more severe and tailored for automotive applications).

The material thickness of 1.2mm was chosen to make it a perfect fit for the widely used 1.2mm blade contacts.

This pin is the first EloPin design consequently based on highly conductive copper alloys (>45 MS/m to further optimize the design for the transport of large amounts of current.

Provided a sufficient design of the surrounding assembly (PCB, wiring, etc.) was implemented, currents of 40 A and larger can be transmitted while temperature rise remains low.






Qualification EloPin 04-06 passed

As one of the first press-fit contacts for a Plated-Through-Hole diameter of 0.6mm, the performance of the EloPin 04-06 shown during the successful qualification testing proves, that this miniature contact is suitable for applications in even in demanding environments.

During the testing process according to Hella Standard N28100-01, the contacts were exposed to temperatures up to 150°C (500 cycles), vibrated up to 25g, and standard 4C corrosive resistance tests were performed.

All tests were passed. The contact resistances were measured below 0.1mOhm, the press-out forces - even after exposure - in excess of about 35N.

Despite the demanding test requirements, only negligible differences between pre-load and after-load states could be noticed.

This demonstrates that the EloPin 04-06 is utilizable for applications in the engine compartments of vehicles and other harsh environments.





EloPin 04-06

With the EloPin 04-06 (material thickness 0,4mm; PTH-diameter 0,6mm) TBS broadens the range of press-fit contacts to thinner materials negating the need to use expensive multi-gauge strips in some cases. The smaller PTH-diameter also allows for greatly reduced pitch between contacts.

The EloPin 04-06 has been recently tested by leading manufacturers of automotive applications.

Its short length and the possibility to use the contact in 1mm thick PCBs allow usage in designs with minimal space available.






EloPin 12-20

The EloPin 12-20 (material thickness 1,2mm; PTH-diameter 2,0mm) is currently in developement to provide a press-fit solution for 1,2mm blade contacts.

Preliminary tests to evaluate current-carrying capacity and other basic design features were recently completed where a current-carrying capacity of over 30A per pin has been achieved.